Week 3 Recap

Written by: Abby Gomez


Every year on June 21st there are contests, fundraisers, and demos held all over the world in the name of skate culture. International "Go Skateboarding Day" is a holiday created by skaters, for skaters. 
Our friends, the Red Bull team, were at Paines Park in Philadelphia for their traveling "Drop In" skate fest. All kinds of prizes were awarded to the skaters who attended, like gift cards, new decks, and a free week at Camp Woodward PA! 
Meanwhile here at camp, the skate program had all kinds of festivities to celebrate. 
We kicked off the Friday morning with a skate parade. From the Launch Pad all the way down to the Moondoe's Cafe, all of the Week 3 skate campers bombed hills in unison. You could spot the swarm of ecstatic shredders from a mile away! 
Skate Paradegsd
We also hosted one of our favorite weekly events, the Powerslide Contest. 
Power Slide Contest
power slide 2
Then, campers showed off their most impressive individual runs in the Outdoor Street contest. 
outdoor street jam
Finally, we ended the festive fun with our 5 block Jam.
5 block
Scooter Recap-----
This week our scooter program featured visiting pros Dom Marconi, Logan Fuller, Mike Hohmann, and Dan Barrett; all from Aztek Scooters. They spent all week shredding every park and hyping up our campers. 
Logan Fuller 1
Logan Fuller 2
Powerade Winners-----


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