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Want to come to camp with your child and earn some extra income too?

From helping younger campers cope with their first experience away from home, to driving campers to and from Woodward, our Camp Parents play a crucial role in the Woodward experience.

Every summer, dozens of parents sign on to work at Woodward West as a Camp Parent. A parent's motivation for being involved in camp may vary. Some are looking for a way to subsidize their child's camp tuition, while others may want to be close for a young child who might be wary about a full week away from home. Whatever the reason, we're always looking for people who can help create great experiences for all our campers!

Camp Parent responsibilities include: providing guidance and assistance to younger campers in various ways at Woodward West. Camp Parents will help supervise up to 14 campers in a cabin, and should be prepared to eat meals with campers, help them stick to their instruction schedule, encourage participation in camp activities, and help them call home to check-in if needed. In addition, Camp Parents will assist with transportation needs throughout the week. Applicants for Camp Parent should be prepared to transport campers, staff, and special guests to and from transportation facilities (airports, train stations, etc.) or medical facilities, as well as make supply runs for camp supplies. Camp Parents are critical to achieving an unparalleled experience for staff and guests alike.

Being a Camp Parent is a rewarding and vital role in the Woodward Experience. Camp Parent’s provide comfort and reassurance to those that are homesick or need a little extra guidance on their first adventure away from home. To apply to be a Camp Parent click here. For more questions about being a Woodward Parent call the front office for your chosen Woodward camp location:

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