In early August, Greg Watts, Nic Hilton, and Robin “Rambo” Davis headed to North Lake Tahoe to check out what all the hype was about at Woodward Tahoe. Woodward Tahoe added downhill mountain bike trails to their resume last year, to give the future generations of mountain bikers a new place to ride. While they were there, WWT’s summer camp was in full swing, allowing them to share their talent and stoke with eager young riders. Merrick and Everett Otto (12 and 10 years old), of Southern California were thrilled to be able to follow Watts down technical downhill trails and watch Hilton and Davis flip over dirt jumps during sunset shoots.

Woodward Tahoe has been known for its progression and training facility, and now with lift-served downhill trails, the location is perfect for riders to practice during the off season, and then bring it to the dirt. Watts and other pro riders are very familiar with the indoor drops and foam pits, allowing them to train and have fun even with snow on the ground.

Filmed By: Trevor Slattery & Shawn Howe

Edited By: Trevor Slattery

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Woodward Tahoe Mountain Biking