In 2009, Greg Watts stood on top of the podium at Crankworx, the most competitive core event in world-class mountain biking in the world. He was the first ever mountain biker to land a double backflip in 2008. He has been one of the most progressive Slopestyle mountain bikers in the world for over 15 years, and this week he’s riding Woodward Tahoe with none-other than Troy Lee Designs amateur professional mountain bikers, Merrick and Everett Otto. These 10 and 12-year-old brothers from Encinitas, CA, were born ready to rip brown pow. They’re fearless, ready to go fast, slam hard, and send it down anything the big dawgs are sending. Although Watts has been in the mountain bike spotlight longer than the Ottos have been alive, watching them rip together down the granite slabs of Granite Falls, it’s obvious that the future of mountain biking is in good hands.

Watts and the Otto brothers were accompanied this week by BMX rider, Robin “Rambo” Davis and two FMB World Tour mountain bikers, Nic Hilton and Zac West. This team of riders worked with PinkBike influencer and Director of Photography at Transworld Snowboarding, Chris Wellhausen and Woodward Tahoe’s summer filmer, Trevor Slattery to produce a high-quality content piece showcasing Woodward Tahoe's new mountain bike scene that was brought here last year in partnership with Alpine Bike Parks.

Will Merrick and Everett be the next Rogatkin and Watts? Probably. But without the hard work and commitment of mountains like Woodward

Tahoe to constantly keep up with the reinvention of the sport, it would be hard to say.


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By Mike Dawson
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Week 10 at Woodward Tahoe!
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