Khai Krepela at Woodward Copper
Week 9 ski pro Khai Krepela.

Week 9 at Woodward Copper was bittersweet as it signified the end of another amazing seasons of summer camps in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. We laughed, we cried (because camp was ending), and we absolutely sent it all week long! Week 9 was also “TAP Week”, where select campers returned for a second week of camp after being “tapped” for exhibiting great teamwork, attitudes, and progression during their first week. Much to campers’ delight, a few very special guests were on hand to help celebrate TAP Week, including pro skier Khai Krepela, scooter pro Kiara Meade, and a cadre of GNU and Lib Tech snowboard pros including Mike Ravelson and brothers-in-shred Max & Gus Warbington.

Our recaps always feature some of our favorite photos and videos from each week at camp, and you can also view our larger weekly photo albums over on our Woodward Copper Facebook page. Ready to celebrate the end of summer camp season? Read on to see all the action for Woodward Copper Summer Camp Week 9!

Thanks to the hard work of the Woodward Copper Park Crew, the conditions in Pipeline Park remained totally rippable through the very last day of camp. When there’s such a nice park setup on offer, visiting pros like Khai Krepela can’t help but shred every feature to pieces. Khai teamed up with Woodward Copper regular and lensman extraordinaire Jake Strassman to film an amazing edit during Week 9, not too shabby to be still skiing into the first week in August!

Smooth and Solid: Khai Krepela
Smooth and Solid: Khai Krepela

Campers at the start of Khai's Backyard Ski relay

When Khai was finished blowing minds for the day, he spent time hanging with campers and setting up hilarious challenges where campers could compete for prizes. Khai’s Backyard Skiing Relay had everyone in stitches, as campers raced around the EDGE Backyard and back to their waiting skis and boots, where they had to then click-in and complete the rest of the race with their skis on. If you want to have fun at camp, sometimes you have to get a little crazy, and seeing campers race across the lawn in full ski boot setups wouldn’t surprise anyone lucky enough to walk into the action. Khai’s sponsor Line Skis made sure he came to camp well stocked, and winning campers were rewarded with some awesome Line apparel.

camper ski relay woodward copper
Digging deep!
Khai Krepela with woodward copper campers
Khai Krepela with Week 9 campers. 
ski camper backflip
Ski camper throwing one of the last backflips of summer 2018. 
Nordica ski gear giveaway
Coaches Gui, Max and Brooke hook a camper up with some fresh Nordica gear. 

Week 9 at Woodward Copper has also become a regular stop for snowboarding’s dynamic duo, Gnu’s Max & Gus Warbington. Gus and Max led a sprinter van-load’s worth of pro riders to camp, including Naima Antolin, Tucker Andrews, Jack Wiley, Kyler Duncan, Brendan Sullivan, Dusty Miller, Dave Marx and Mike Ravelson. It was so enjoyable to watch the diverse crew of pro snowboarders take to Pipeline Park and each approached obstacles a different way. Seeing this diversity is endlessly valuable for campers, allowing campers to watch pros with varying riding styles and choose who they’d like to learn from and emulate. With so many talented riders in one park, memorable moments were happening every day, all captured on social media by the riders and media team for your viewing pleasure:

GNU crew at Woodward Copper
The Gnu crew gives a Week 9 camper a brand new sled! 
Gus Warbington at Woodward Copper
Gus Warbington on a Pipeline mission.
Naima Antolin at Woodward Copper
Watch out for big things from Naima Antolin, she is ripping! 
Snowboard camper Ethan experimenting with the up-flat rail.
Snowboard camper Ethan experimenting with the up-flat rail. 
Gnu crew at Woodward Copper
Max Warbington and the Gnu crew awarding another camper for an awesome week. 

Visiting pros at camp always have some of the hardest tricks on lock, able to pull them out at a moments notice to wow judges, spectators and videographers, but the creativity of the Week 9 visiting pros sets them apart from their contest-focused contemporaries. While some might be dialing in triple-corks, Max Warbington was kickflipping his snowboard while Tucker Andrews ate his lunch mid-backflip. All the antics in the park this week helped remind campers that snowboarding is about more than how high you can go or how many rotations you can do; being creative and drawing your own line is highly respected in snowboarding and is something that every rider should strive for!


@gnusnowboards @woodwardcopper 📹: @therealgdon

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@tuckermandrews snack break @woodwardcopper

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Dusty Miller at Woodward Copper
Dusty Miller taking a unique approach to the shades feature.

The crew of visiting snowboarders swapped their snowboard boots for boardshorts during the TAP Carnival in the EDGE Backyard, and our faces still hurt from laughing and smiling all day long. Pros like Gnu’s Max Warbington and Dave Marx stepped up for a turn in the dunk-tank, allowing campers to take their best shot throwing softballs at the target. Little did they know, Capita Snowboards pro Mike Ravelson was waiting in the background with a deadly accurate fastball, easily depositing Max and Dave into the dunk tank. The TAP Carnival was supported by Subaru, and campers reaped the benefits of the Gnu-Lib Tech-Subaru connection when visiting pros hooked a couple lucky campers up with limited edition Subaru x Lib-Tech Snowboards!

Max Warbington throwing for the dunk tank
Max Warbington throwing for the TAP Week dunk tank. 
Max Warbington dunk tank
Max takes his turn in the dunk tank.
Dave Marx at Woodward Copper
Dave Marx steps up for his turn in the tank. 
Mallet game at Woodward Copper
Campers performing feats of strength in front of the Woodward WRX at the Subaru TAP Week carnival. 
Subaru Snowboard woodward copper
Campers with limited edition Lib Tech x Subaru snowboards! 

Lib Tech Subaru Snowboard Woodward Copper

Subaru TAP Week at Woodward Copper
Subaru TAP Week Carnival at Woodward Copper.

Over at The Barn, scooter camp was hosting its first-ever female visiting scooter pro, Kiara Meade. On her Lucky brand scooter, Kiara took to the air throughout The Barn, nailing tricks and having a blast with campers and staff. Kiara’s friendly, welcoming demeanor encouraged all the campers to step out of their comfort zone and try new moves, and every session grew into a full-on scooter party with campers and staff hooting and cheering each other on.

Kiara Meade scooter at Woodward Copper
Kiara Meade footplants on the Powerade Pump Track.
Kiara Meade Woodward Copper
Kiara Meade upstairs on The Barn mini-ramp. 
scooter camper Woodward Copper
Camper practicing bri-flip during a scooter session. 
Scooter coach at Woodward Copper
Watch & Learn: Flight School with coach Joey. 
scooter campers at Woodward Copper
Nothing but good times at scooter camp!

While skateboard and cheer campers worked hard all week to complete Dickies Skate Olympics challenges and prepare for the weekly camp talent show, BMX campers were learning to surf in the Barnyard Park with coach Juca. Juca’s positive energy is infectious and he always finds new and fun ways to challenge campers, including teaching them how to “surf” while standing on the handlebars and seats of their bikes. Guaranteed this move will be shown off at local cul de sacs and block parties for the rest of the summer! It is always amazing to see how campers bond together throughout the week, and you can always hear groups cheering their peers on in The Barn every day of the summer!


Fun lil skate tonight at @woodwardcopper / video @lil_ripppa666 @natecarroll_

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Skateboard camper at Woodward Copper
Skateboard camper practicing kickflips with Coach Derek. 
Week 9 cheer campers at Woodward Copper
Week 9 Cheer campers pause for a group photo during Barn Springfloor practice. 
BMX Campers surfing
Bike Surfing with Coach Juca.

BMX campers at Woodward Copper

BMX Campers at Woodward Copper
Camper airs out of the bowl with an x-up. 
BMX Camp foam pit at Woodward Copper
The team cheers on as a camper throws first backflips into the foam pit. 

After an entire summer of fun in the Colorado Rockies, it was time for the final Friday Night Awards Ceremony of the 2018 season. Although every camper contributes in their own way to make camp awesome, a select few campers are recognized each week for their positive attitude, support of campers and staff, and progress during the week with the Powerade Power Through Awards, YUP! Camper of the Week Awards, Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards, GoPro Camp Hero Award, Dickies Skate Olympics Awards and the Dickies Hard Work Award:

Powerade Power Through Awards: This award recognizes campers who were faced with challenges or obstacles, and still powered through to achieve their goals and have a great week at camp. Campers from every sport were recognized for their determination and perseverance, including Anja Pilloud (skate), Christina Oeser (BMX), Sam Beveridge (scooter), Alex Plank (scooter), Daryan Conyers (cheer), Dillon Jennings (ski) and Katie Gabriele (snowboard).

Week 9 Power Through award winners
Powerade Power Through Award winners Anja Pilloud, Christina Oeser, Sam Beveridge, Alex Plank, Daryan Conyers, Dillon Jennings and Katie Gabriele.

YUP! Camper of the Week Awards: The YUP! Camper of the Week Awards are given to exemplary campers who maintain a positive attitude all week long and are constantly helping out fellow campers and staff. Keller Hydle aka “Killer Keller” was recognized for being an exemplary camper and helping other campers live up to the same standards. Kate Hubbard was recognized for being a hard worker and pushing her tumbling skills all week long.

Yup! Campers of the Week
YUP! Campers of the Week Keller Hydle and Kate Hubbard.

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards: These awards are given to campers who stepped up to the challenge of taking their skills to the next level, even if it pushed them slightly out of their comfort zone. Skate camper Cooper Branon received the Challenge Accepted Award for dropping in on bigger and bigger features every day and learning rock&rolls on several transition features. BMX camper Jack Beveridge received the Challenge Accepted Award for building skills and learning tricks all week despite having never ridden on a ramp prior to attending camp.

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Week 9 winners
Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted award winners Cooper Branon and Jack Beveridge.

GoPro Camp Hero Award: Awesome people do awesome things, and those awesome things should be captured on video! The GoPro Camp Hero Award puts a brand new GoPro in the hands of a camper who was driven all week long to improve their skills and help other campers have fun. Blake Yamnitz took home the GoPro Camp Hero Award for being a model camper, helping to fix tires and teach other campers new tricks, plus learning a bunch of new tricks of his own throughout the week!

GoPro Camp Hero Woodward Copper
GoPro Camp Hero Blake Yamnitz

Dickies Skate Olympics: The Dickies Skate Olympics allows teams and individuals to collect points for landing tricks and completing challenges. Several individuals are recognized for their awesome performances during the week, including Champion of Stoke Cameron Glasgow, Best Trick winner Tristan Baker, and Gold Medalist (most overall points) Emmet Laggis. Coach Adam Maxwell’s team the Sour Patch Kids took home the overall team win for the Week 9 Dickies Skate Olympics.

Dickies Skate Olympics at Woodward Copper
Dickies Skate Olympics individual award winners Cameron Glasgow (Champion of Stoke), Tristan Baker (Best Trick), and Emmet Laggis (Gold Medalist).

Dickies Hard Work Award: Only one staff member each week gets the honor of hoisting the coveted rubber mallet each week! The week 9 winner, skate coach Derek Scott, was recognized for his amazing performance all summer long. It’s easy to see that Derek skates at a professional level, but what most don’t see is the hard work Derek puts in with each and every camper to work through challenges, fears, and problems of any kind. Derek truly makes a difference in each camper’s week. Congratulations Derek!

Dickies Hard Work Award winner Derek Scott
Dickies Hard Work Award winner Coach Derek Scott. 

Week 9 has ended, and thus overnight Summer Camp season has come to a close for 2018. For those campers ages 6-14 who still can’t get enough, we’re happy to announce that Woodward Copper is offering 3 weeks of August Day Camp this year. Day Camps include training and activities in The Barn, plus sessions at the Woodward WreckTangle and rides on the Rocky Mountain Coaster. To learn more about August Day Camps, visit

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