snowboard pro scotty vine at Woodward Copper
Visiting Snowboard Pro Scotty Vine

Week 7 was a summer blockbuster with scooter superstar Cody Flom arriving at Woodward Copper. Cheer special guest Bianca Treger helped cheer campers dial in their routines, and skate pro Taylor McClung rocked the Barn street course and outdoor park for skate campers. Up at Pipeline Park, ski and snowboard camp were fully going off with pro skier Lupe Hagearty and a huge crew of visiting pro snowboarders. Thanks to Arbor Snowboards, Flux Bindings, Sandbox Helmets and 686, this week’s snowboard pros included Scotty Vine, Mary Rand, Melissa Evans, Erik Leon, Frank April, Mike Liddle, Benji Farrow, Brett Esser, Chase Blackwell, Patrick McCarthy and more!

Our recaps will always feature some of our favorite photos and videos from each week at camp, and you can also view our larger weekly photo albums over on our Woodward Copper Facebook page. Ready to drop in? Read on to see all the action for Woodward Copper Summer Camp Week 7!

scotty vine
Scotty Vine going for the spaghetti grab.
mary rand
Arbor pro team rider Mary Rand.

Snowboard campers had the privilege of riding with an absolutely stacked cast of visiting pros during week 7. Arbor pro team riders Scotty Vine, Mike Liddle, Erik Leon, Jared McDaniel and Mary Rand were soaking up the sun and enjoying the perfect park setup at Copper Mountain. Scotty and the crew combined fun with a little fitness during the Arbor, Flux and Sandbox Planking Contest, where campers competed planking in the summer snow for some huge prizes.

erik leon
Erik Leon up and over.
mike liddle
Mike Liddle mixing it up on the gate rail. 
Planking contest
Campers compete for the longest planking time.
flux binding winners
Winners go home with some new setups! 

We’ve always appreciated Scotty Vine for being a consistent helmet wearer, and we think it’s a great example for campers at Woodward. All campers and staff are required to wear helmets during any sports activities, however visiting pros over age 18 are allowed to make the choice. We’re glad Scotty is setting a rad example for the kids, and he spent tons of time during the week helping campers dial in tricks and protecting lids by handing out brand new Sandbox helmets.

scotty vine sandbox
Scotty Vine keeping the kids safe! 

scotty vine sandbox helmets

Pedal to the metal all week long, the 686 crew was in the house including Chase Blackwell, Forrest Burki, Benji Farrow and 686 TM / shredder Pat McCarthy. Every member of the 686 team was absolutely going off, including Chase Blackwell styling for the cameras and Benji Farrow dropping some double rotators on July 20th for “720 Day”.

forrest burki
Just another day at the beach for Forrest Burki. 
benji farrow
Benji Farrow flipping out for summer snowboarding.
pat mccarthy 686
Spotted a Pat McCarthy!

It was hard to miss Lupe Hagearty at ski camp, because he is easily one of the most stoked and enthusiastic pros to visit Woodward Copper. When it comes to riding with Lupe, you just can’t help but get excited. In addition to dropping line after line of smooth tricks, and getting a little goofy with the campers, Lupe proceeded to award ski campers with tons of gear from his sponsors including Planks.

lupe hagearty
Lupe conquers the gate rail.

lupe hagearty

Scooter campers were over the moon to spend the week with scooter pro Cody Flom. Cody is famous among the scooter crowd and more than one camper was starstruck after meeting Cody and watching him ride. From the bowl to the pump track to the halfpipe, Cody conquered every Skatelite surface in The Barn and all around camp. Look out for more from Cody’s visit to Woodward Copper coming to and @woodwardscooter soon!

Cody Flom
Cody Flom at Woodward Copper! 

cody flom woodward copper

scooter summer camp Woodward Copper
Week 7 scooter campers with coaches and Cody Flom at The Barn. 

At The Barn springfloor and foam pits, Cheer special guest Bianca Treger spent the week coaching campers on everything from lifts to tumbling to dance routines. The integration of training tools like foam pits and mats into spring floor exercise is an essential tool to help increase safety and speed in progressions. Bianca and Cheer Coach Emily brought the individual cheer campers together to work as a team, fully prepared and ready to rock for the Friday Night Talent Show!

Bianca Treger Woodward Copper
Week 7 campers with Coach Emily and Bianca Treger.
Bianca Treger Woodward Copper
Bianca spotting for tumble progressions.
woodward copper cheer camp
The group practices their routine for the Friday Night Talent Show.

woodward copper cheer camp

BMX campers were treated to another week with the always entertaining Coach Juca. In between shredding with campers and coaching them through trick progressions, Juca is always keen to drop into the bowl for a couple airs, or just to strike a pose! Backing up skate coaches was also Taylor McClung, a stylish street skater who could school the campers on any flip trick they ever wanted to know!

bmx camp woodward copper
Coach Juca with Week 7 campers.
woodward copper bmx
Coach Juca strikes a pose. 
taylor mcclung
Taylor McClung has some pop! 
Taylor at the Barnyard skatepark
Taylor at the Barnyard skatepark.

Quick stop at Vail Park with @mikekomornick @woodwardcopper

A post shared by Taylor McClung (@taylormcclung) on

After another week that whipped by faster than Cody Flom’s scooter, it was time for the Friday Night Awards Ceremony at the EDGE. Although every camper contributes in their own way to make camp awesome, a select few campers are recognized each week for their positive attitude, support of campers and staff, and progress during the week with the Powerade Power Through Awards, YUP! Camper of the Week Awards, Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards, GoPro Camp Hero Award, Dickies Skate Olympics Awards and the Dickies Hard Work Award:

Powerade Power Through Awards: This award recognizes campers who were faced with challenges or obstacles, and still powered through to achieve their goals and have a great week at camp. Campers from every sport were recognized for their determination and perseverance!

week 7 powerade power through awards
Power Through Award winners Dorian Macmillan, Angus Garvey, Rocco Culpepper, Gabriela Martinez, Braedyn Davis and Stan Duque.

YUP! Camper of the Week Awards: The YUP! Camper of the Week Awards are given to exemplary campers who maintain a positive attitude all week long and are constantly helping out fellow campers and staff.

Yup! Campers of the Week 7
YUP! Campers of the week Noah Meiselman and Betty Bartok.

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards: These awards are given to campers who stepped up to the challenge of taking their skills to the next level, even if it pushed them slightly out of their comfort zone.

hot wheels challenge accepted week 7
Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted award winners Murphy Rowen and Bard Roetz

GoPro Camp Hero Award: Awesome people do awesome things, and those awesome things should be captured on video! The GoPro Camp Hero Award puts a brand new GoPro in the hands of a camper who was driven all week long to improve their skills and help other campers have fun.

gopro camp hero week 7
GoPro Camp Hero Kayden Lindesay

Dickies Skate Olympics: The Dickies Skate Olympics allows teams and individuals to collect points for landing tricks and completing challenges. Several individuals are recognized for their awesome performances during the week.

skate olympics week 7
Champion of Stoke Layla Cintron, Best Trick winner Carson Drummond, and Gold Medalist Owen McKibbin with team mate. 

Dickies Hard Work Award: Only one staff member each week gets the honor of hoisting the coveted rubber mallet each week!

hard work award dickies week 7
Coach Max Pulsifer lifting the coveted rubber mallet. 

Week 7 has ended, but there’s still time to return to camp this summer for the final week of camp! Returning campers can save $200 off an additional camp week with promo code “STAYFOREVER18”! (valid for 2018 Summer Camps, not valid for August Day Camps). Simply enter your promo code during online checkout.

Stay tuned for more weekly recaps from summer camp. For more information on Woodward Copper, or to make reservation for summer camp or activities, visit

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