pro snowboarder scott stevens at Woodward Copper
The always-creative Scott Stevens. 

Week 6 brought the return of the world-famous Videograss crew, featuring professional snowboarders JP Walker, Scott Stevens and Joe Sexton, along with videographer/VG kingpin Justin Meyer and legendary snowboard pro-turned-photographer Chad Otterstrom. Scott Stevens was also representing Capita snowboards for camp week 6, along with Capita team mates Jess Kimura and Johnny O’ Connor. Cheer special guest Gabi Butler returned for a second week of practice with cheer campers, while pro skater Kevin Romar arrived to school skate campers on street-course destruction!

Our recaps will always feature some of our favorite photos and videos from each week at camp, and you can also view our larger weekly photo albums over on our Woodward Copper Facebook page. Ready to launch? Read on to see all the action for Woodward Copper Summer Camp Week 6!

JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton and Justin Meyer
Joe Sexton, Jp Walker, Justin Meyer and Scott Stevens: The Videograss Crew

Snowboard campers got to experience the playful awesomeness that is the Videograss crew in pipeline park. This tightly-knit band of shredders has been making genre-defining web clips and movies under the command of videographer Justin Meyer for years (check out a previous stop at Copper during the Visitors premiere tour).


@therealjp giving the kids what they want. @woodwardcopper 📱: @deathlens

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🏄🏼‍♂️🏄🏼‍♂️🏄🏼‍♂️3 6 0 🎥: @videograss @woodwardcopper

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Although VG projects usually feature a rotating cast of characters, the power trio of JP Walker, Joe Sexton and Scott Stevens are some of the heaviest hitters in the game and never disappoint at summer camp. In addition to their skills on a board, the VG crew are experts and pumping up young snowboarders and getting them excited to shred and try new tricks. Remember that time at summer camp, when you got to take laps with your favorite pros?!

pro snowboarder Joe Sexton
Joe Sexton, Bluntslide on the gate rail.


pro snowboarder Chad Otterstrom
The one and only Chad Otterstrom drops the camera for a few laps. 



@sleepystevens tailblock slide through the wave. @woodwardcopper 📱📹: @deathlens

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Scott Stevens is also part of the Capita Snowboards pro team, who arrived at camp with a van full of smiling faces and a tent stocked with Capita demo boards for campers to try. Jess Kimura took to the rails and jumps with effortless precision, inspiring young snowboarder campers female and male to go for it and push their progression. The always-fearless Johnny O’Connor also charged hard with huge moves, including a backside lipslide on the massive wave feature. In between hot laps, David Faircloth ran the Capita demo tent and kept the screws turning to give campers a chance to try these awesome boards.

Capita snowboard team at Woodward Copper
The Capita Snowboards crew at Pipeline Park
pro snowboarder Jess Kimura at Woodward Copper
Jess Kimura aka @danger_p blowing minds in Pipeline Park. 
pro snowboarder Johnny O' Connor
Johnny O'Connor trading tips with the campers. 
pro snowboarder Johnny O'Connor
Johnny O'Connor, BS Lipslide on the world-famous Woodward Wave. 
Capita snowboard team at Woodward Copper
A camper preparing for a snowboard demo at the Capita tent.

The Capita team hosted a dancefloor dance-off on everyone’s favorite wave feature, encouraging campers to get creative and try wild tricks on the massive dancefloor (wide, long and flat box), providing a blank canvas for campers to express themselves. Presses, rotations, and the occasional doubles run all made an appearance and made for a great time for campers and pros alike. Winners were awarded with Capita and Union gear and a high five from the pro team! (Want to see more from the Capita team at camp? Check out the Week 6 Update at!)

Snowboard Camper at Woodward Copper
Snowboard camper tail pressing the dancefloor during the Capita Dance-off. 
snowboard campers at Woodward Copper
Doubles action during the Capita Dancefloor Dance-Off
pro snowboarder Jess Kimura at Woodward Copper
Jess Kimura on prize patrol!
Snowboard Camper at Woodward Copper
Coach Ronnie capturing GoPro footage for video review later in the day. 
snowboard campers at Woodward Copper
Every age, every skill level: It's always a good time with Coach Ronnie.
Capita snowboard winners at Woodward Copper
Lucky campers going home with new Capita snowboards! 

Even though there were some “big name” athletes attending camp each week, it’s not uncommon to see young, hungry up and coming riders shredding the park to pieces. Enter Miles Fallon aka @miles_falcon. Miles was a non-stop tour-de-shred-force all week long, laying down line after line and causing everyone at camp to take notice. Be on the lookout for Miles as he pushes his limits and furthers his snowboarding career. If his performance at camp is any indication, he’s definitely one to watch!

pro snowboarder Miles Fallon at Woodward Copper
Rising star Miles Fallon takes to the sky in Pipeline Park.

Both Capita and Union Binding Co are both highly respected labels living under the C3 family of brands. Jess Kimura, Scott Stevens, Johnny O’Connor and Miles Fallon all ride Union bindings, as well as snowboard superstar and Woodward regular Torstein Horgmo. Torstein dropped in to week 6 in Pipeline park to catch up with friends and teammates, drop a few tricks, and even take a shift turning screws for campers demoing boards. Remember that time at summer camp, when Torstein Horgmo set up your snowboard for you?! Woodward Copper really is a magical place…

Torstein Horgmo and JP Walker at Woodward Copper
Torstein Horgmo, Scott Stevens and JP Walker reviewing footage in Pipeline Park. 

At ski camp, Faction pro team skiers Cody Cirillo and Will Berman were going huge for the campers, and handing out plenty of huge XXXL Faction gear to stoked campers (don’t worry, there was normal sized gear too!). Cody and Will put on an incredible performance during camp, including some amazing doubles action on the jump line. Campers were thrilled to push themselves while being cheered on by such high-caliber skiers. Will Berman even took “product toss” to a whole new level, hooking up campers with prizes in mid-air!

ski pros cody cirillo and will berman
Cody Cirillo and Will Berman, double trouble in Pipeline Park. 
pro skier Cody Cirillo at Woodward Copper
Cody Cirillo was spotted in his natural habitat by nature photographer Chip Proulx...
ski pro Will Berman at Woodward Copper
Will Berman is hip to Summer Camp. 
ski camper at Woodward Copper
Ski camper tackling the gate rail in Pipeline Park. 
ski camper at Woodward Copper
Will Berman putting a new twist on "product toss". 
Faction Skis crew at Woodward Copper
The Faction Skis crew with coaches and campers at Woodward Copper, taking the baggy ski style to a whole new level. 

Down the mountain at the Cheer Springfloor facilities, special guest Gabi Butler was helping coach campers in tumbling skills and prepare their routine for the Friday Night Talent Show. It is amazing each week how cheer athletes from all over the country come together to learn a routine, and by the end of the week are performing like they’ve been practicing as a team for years! All practice and no play makes for a dull day at camp, so after sport-specific training was wrapped up for the day, campers participated in cool activities like the Thursday Night Luau or Woodward Tie-Dye sessions.

cheer campers at Woodward Copper
Week 6 Cheer campers and staff at The Barn. 
cheer camper at Woodward Copper
Let's get ready to tumbleeeeeee! 
cheer special guest gabi butler at Woodward Copper
Cheer special guest Gabi Butler prepares for activity time with cheer campers.
Campers acid wash tye-dye at Woodward Copper
Acid-wash tie-dye session in the EDGE Backyard. 
Campers acid wash tye-dye at Woodward Copper
That looks awesome! Can you make me one?!

Tuning-in to the two-wheeled sports at camp, scooter and BMX campers were bonding as a group and encouraging one another to push for new moves and polish existing skills and techniques. Although it’s always fun when your peers challenge you to try harder, sometimes instruction from a professional coach can help you get past a sticking point. BMX Coach Juca knows this better than anyone, and was always at his campers’ side to help coach them through a trick or help them step up to a jump that pushes the comfort zone.

Scooter Summer Camper at Woodward Copper
Week 6 Scooter Campers at The Barnyard.
Scooter Summer Camper at Woodward Copper
Watch and learn kids. Coach Joey giving some real-world examples of shredding. 
BMX camp at Woodward Copper
The tight-knit Week 6 BMX crew with Coach Juca.
BMX Summer Campers at Woodward Copper
Pushing your comfort zone? Having a coach by your side is always a huge help! 
BMX Summer Campers at Woodward Copper
Progression: this is what Woodward camps are all about! 

Every Friday, campers from every sport head up to Pipeline Park to experience a unique on-snow cookout with fellow campers. Camp staff was particularly excited to learn that a few of our campers would be seeing snow for the first time in their lives! Remember that time you went to summer camp, and played in snow for the first time ever?!

On-snow cookout at Woodward Copper
Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Brats: When you're shredding this hard, a hot meal to refuel is always welcome. 
Woodward Copper campers seeing snow for the first time
Campers experiencing snow for the first time in their lives with Coach Juca. 

At The Barn, skate campers were taking notes from Coach Adam aka “A-Max”, adding pop to their ollies and consistency to their flip tricks. Adam had a little help getting the campers excited, because Blind & New Balance skate pro Kevin Romar was there to show off his fluid and effortless street skating style. When it comes to making your technical flip tricks look good, Kevin is the guy you want to copy. In addition to an endless supply of high-fives and fist bumps, one of Kevin’s sponsors Rastaclat provided plenty of cool bracelets to award campers for charging hard and having fun.

Skate Coach Adam demonstrating for campers
Coach Adam teaching the principles of pop. 
Skateboard camper at Woodward Copper
Focusing on the fundamentals with Coach Adam. 
Skateboard camper at Woodward Copper
Camper nose slide at The Barn street course. 
Kevin Romar at Woodward Copper
Kevin Romar, frontside flip at The Barn street course. 

This one felt good⛱ 📸 @thatmaxwellkid @woodwardcopper

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pro skateboarder Kevin Romar at Woodward Copper
Kevin Romar hooks the campers up with Rastaclat bracelets at the Friday Awards Ceremony. 

After another week that flew by at warp speed, it was time for the Friday Night Awards Ceremony at the EDGE. Although every camper contributes in their own way to make camp awesome, a select few campers were recognized for their positive attitude, support of fellow campers and staff, and progress through the week with the Powerade Power Through Awards, YUP! Camper of the Week Awards, Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards, GoPro Camp Hero Award, Dickies Skate Olympics Awards and the Dickies Hard Work Award:

Powerade Power Through Awards: This award recognizes campers who were faced with challenges or obstacles, and still powered through to achieve their goals and have a great week at camp. Campers from every sport were recognized for their determination and perseverance, including Jordan “Gibby” Rukin-Forer (skate), Marno McDermott (BMX), Nick Williams (scooter), Shalynn “Shea” Gray (cheer), Peyton Raley (ski) and Hayden Tenney (snowboard).

Powerade Power Through Award Winners at Woodward Copper
Powerade Power Through Award Winners Jordan Rukin-Forer, Marno McDermott, Nick Williams, Shalynn Gray, Peyton Raley and Hayden Tenney.

YUP! Camper of the Week Awards: The YUP! Camper of the Week Awards are given to exemplary campers who maintain a positive attitude all week long and are constantly helping out fellow campers and staff. Alonso Cruz was chosen for having a positive attitude all week, and charging hard in every session. Addison “Addie” Moore was also chosen as a Camper of the Week for always being there to help out fellow campers, and keeping everyone laughing all week long (she even tried to pick up skateboarding… see you next year for skate camp maybe?...)

YUP! Campers of the Week Awards
YUP! Campers of the Week Alonso Cruz and Addison Moore.

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards: These awards are given to campers who stepped up to the challenge of taking their skills to the next level, even if it pushed them slightly out of their comfort zone. Skate camper Warner Berry took home the Challenge Accepted Award for learning a new trick every day, while BMX camper Anna Carrete was recognized for her fearlessness and her positive attitude, two great attributes that should inspire young female BMX riders everywhere!

Kevin Romar with Hot Wheels Award Winners
Kevin Romar with Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Award Winners Warner Berry and Anna Carrete. 

GoPro Camp Hero Award: Awesome people do awesome things, and those awesome things should be captured on video! The GoPro Camp Hero Award puts a brand new GoPro in the hands of a camper who was driven all week long to improve their skills and help other campers have fun. Congratulations Eli Bulkacz, you’re a Camp Hero!

Woodward Copper GoPro Camp Hero Award Winner
GoPro Camp Hero Eli Bulkacz

Dickies Skate Olympics: The Dickies Skate Olympics allows teams and individuals to collect points for landing tricks and completing challenges. Coach Adam’s team “The Sour Patch Kids” took home the win for the second week in a row, pulling ahead for the summer-long battle of the skate coaches. Several individuals were also recognized for their awesome performances: Phyre Averill won the Champion of Stoke award for hardly ever sitting down and skating his heart out all week, while supplying endless fist bumps to keep fellow campers motivated. Bradely Warren won Best Overall Trick for his frontside boardslide down the A-frame round rail at The Barn, and Bryce Niami was the Gold Medalist for racking up the most points throughout the week and throwing down a bottomless bag of tricks.

Dickies Skate Olympics at Woodward Copper Summer Camp
Dickies Skate Olympics award winners Bradley Warren, Bryce Niami and Phyre Averill. 

Dickies Hard Work Award: Only one staff member each week gets the honor of hoisting the coveted rubber mallet, and this week Cassidy “Queso” Dubois was recognized for providing a camp experience that is second to none. This veteran coach has done a great job of stepping into a leadership role, and we are so lucky to have an extra side of Queso on our team!

There can be only one. Dickies Hard Work Award Winner Cassidy "Queso" Dubois.
Dickies Hard Work Award Winner Cassidy "Queso" Dubois.

Week 6 has ended, but there’s still time to return to camp this summer for another week! Returning campers can save $200 off an additional camp week with promo code “STAYFOREVER18”! (valid for 2018 Summer Camps, not valid for August Day Camps). Simply enter your promo code during online checkout.

Stay tuned for more weekly recaps from summer camp. For more information on Woodward Copper, or to make reservation for summer camp or activities, visit

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