pro snowboarder Torgeir Bergrem
Torgeir Bergrem at Week 5, Woodward Copper Summer Camp.

Week 5 marks the midpoint for Woodward Copper Summer Camps, where staff, visiting pros and special guests teamed up to deliver incredible experiences to exceptionally stoked campers. Nitro Snowboards pros Eero Ettala and Torgeir Bergrem teamed up for some crazy antics in Pipeline Park, while Mystery Skateboards pro Sierra Fellers brought his own brand of hard-charging, high-tech skating to camp. Returning cheer special guest Gabi Butler also attended to help with stunt coaching and gave campers a chance to meet and hang with one of the most well-known names in cheer.

Our recaps will always feature some of our favorite photos and videos from each week at camp, and you can also view our larger weekly photo albums over on our Woodward Copper Facebook page. Ready to dive in? Read on to see all the action for Woodward Copper Summer Camp Week 5!

pro snowboarder Eero Ettala
Eero Ettala arrives to Pipeline Park

Snowboard campers were thrilled to have Eero Ettala and Torgeir Bergrem visiting Pipeline Park for the first time. These Nitro Snowboards pro team riders took to the rails and jumps without missing a beat, laying down line after line of smooth moves as campers watched on in amazement.

pro snowboarder Eero Ettala
Eero was flipping out for the fun setup in Pipeline. 
pro snowboarder Torgeir Bergrem
Torgeir snapping a mid-backflip selfie. 

Top to bottom from @woodwardcopper @nitrousa Week! 🎥: @jerm_worldwide

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Seemingly bored with the challenges of stomping insane tricks on a normal snowboard, Torgeir decided to ratchet up a 118cm board and dropped in for a few laps of mini-shredding. These video clips predictably went viral, because how often do you see a full-grown man riding all-out on a child-sized snowboard? You can’t help but smile for the mini-shred!

Although the official Torstein Horgmo / Shred Bots camp week has passed, lucky Week 5 campers were still treated to a surprise visit from Torstein. Campers are always excited to spend time with Torstein, one of the biggest names in snowboarding, whether they are watching him ride or just hanging with him at the top of the park. When he’s not travelling the world to snowboard, Torstein lives just a few minutes’ drive from Copper Mountain, frequently showing up to surprise and delight anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his incredible talent.

pro snowboarder Torstein Horgmo
The one and only Torstein Horgmo. 
pro snowboarder Torstein Horgmo
Torstein is on his home turf at Copper Mountain.

At ski camp, it was the talented team of coaches inspiring campers to push harder and try new moves. Coach Queso, known for his big personality and even bigger bag of tricks, hucked his best inverted airs and spins for his camper group. Ski Coach Brooke showed campers how to spice up rail tricks big and small, by incorporating grabs and tweaks to spice up basic rail slides on all types of features.

Ski Coach Cassidy "Queso" DuBois
Woodward Copper Ski Coach Cassidy "Queso" DuBois.
Ski Coach Brooke Potter
Ski coach Brooke Potter adding a little extra something to the railslide. 
ski camper at Woodward Copper
A ski campers takes on the quarter pipe in Pipeline Park. 
Trampoline Ski training at Woodward Copper
Want to dial in that new move? Try our new Trampoline Practice Skis! 
trampoline training at Woodward Copper
Trampoline cross-training is an effective tool for every sport offered at Woodward Copper. 

Down at the Woodward Copper base area, Cheer campers were spending time with Gabi Butler, practicing stunting and tumbling and getting to know one of the icons of the cheer industry. With the help of Woodward cheer coaches and visiting special guests, cheer campers trained and prepared to perform a routine at the Friday Night Camp Talent Show. These routines typically include many facets of cheer, from dance/rhythm focused segments, to tumbling, stunting and more. It is amazing to watch cheer campers from all over the country come together each week to form a cohesive team that is able to perform a complicated routine with only 5 days of preparation!

Gabi Butler at Woodward Copper
Cheer Special Guest Gabi Butler coaching on the tumble track.

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cheer campers at Woodward Copper
A stunt group practicing with cheer coach.
cheer campers at Woodward Copper
Dialing in the routine for the Friday Night Talent Show.
cheer Special Guests at Woodward Copper
Cheer Special Guests stunt demo at The Barn springfloor.
Camper Parkour at Woodward Copper Barn
The training tools at The Barn springfloor can be rearranged and combined for a variety of activities and stunts. 

Over at The Barn, scooter campers were in “full-send” mode all week long, taking each air higher, each grind farther, and squeezing in an extra whip or barspin wherever they could. Many of the campers were able to go blow-for-blow with their coaches, pushing the entire group’s riding level higher and forcing coaches to demonstrate harder, more complicated tricks for campers to try. 

scooter camper at Woodward Copper
A scooter camper carves the bowl at The Barn.
scooter at Woodward Copper
Coach Joey, winner of the Dickies Hard Work Award, bri flip at The Barn Street Course. 
scooter camper at Woodward Copper
A camper stalls on the Red Bull Mini Ramp at The Barn.
scooter camper at Woodward Copper
Scooter camper airing on the pump track at The Barn. 

At skate camp, visiting pro Sierra Fellers explored The Barn with skate campers, looking for creative new ways to approach obstacles, or rearrange features in the street course area to inspire and challenge skaters of all skill levels. In addition to several mind-benders like the K-grind-nollie-flip-out trick in the EDGE Backyard (video below), Sierra also laid down some classics like a nollie-heelflip into the massive mega-ramp bank. Anyone who has spent time skating around large drainage waterways or hilly streets knows that it isn’t the flip trick that’s challenging, it’s incline that gets you! Sierra stomped this one and proceeded to ride out into the foam pit going mach-3. After organizing a few challenges and games for campers, Sierra hooked up the winners with prizes from Bones Wheels and Etnies.


Posted up at @woodwardcopper for the week 😃🙌⛰🌲🎉 🎥:@holdenmorse

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Goin in this 4th 🙌🇺🇸🎉👽🛸 🎥:@holdenmorse @woodwardcopper ⛰

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skateboard pro sierra fellers at Woodward Copper
Sierra Fellers nollie-heelflip into the Mega Ramp.

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sierra fellers with campers at Woodward Copper
Gear is always better when it's given by your favorite skateboard pro! 
Skateboard camper at Woodward Copper
A skate camper air-to-lipslides on the bowl extension.
Skateboard camper at Woodward Copper
The micro-mini ramp is where many skaters learn their first halfpipe tricks. 

Skate campers were also treated to another round of the Hot Wheels Daredevil Derby, with a new twist added this week where campers began the relay by sliding down the mega ramp and collecting shoes and skateboards as quickly as possible before proceeding to the next obstacle. After racing all around The Barn and completing several obstacle challenges, the winning skaters were awarded awesome Hot Wheels hip-packs, which have become a highly sought-after item at camp. For those old enough to remember the original fad of “fanny-packs”, time to dig through your closet because the trend is fully back! Every winner of the Daredevil Derby was spotted proudly rocking their Hot Wheels hip-bag all week long.

Hot Wheels Daredevil Derby at Woodward Copper summer camp
A new twist for a rowdy start at the Hot Wheels Daredevil Derby.
Hot Wheels Daredevil Derby at Woodward Copper summer camp
Hot Wheels Hip-Bags are here and campers are beyond stoked. 
Hot Wheels Daredevil Derby at Woodward Copper summer camp
Winners celebrating at the Hot Wheels Daredevil Derby.

After another amazing week at Woodward Copper, it was time for the Friday Night Awards ceremony. Although every camper contributes in their own way to make camp awesome, a select few campers were recognized for their positive attitude, support of fellow campers and staff, and progress through the week with the Powerade Power Through Awards, YUP! Camper of the Week Awards, Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards, GoPro Camp Hero Award, Dickies Skate Olympics Awards and the Dickies Hard Work Award:

Powerade Power Through Awards: This award recognizes campers who were faced with challenges or obstacles, and still powered through to achieve their goals and have a great week at camp. Campers from every sport were recognized for their determination and perseverance, including Teo Joseph (skate), Matt Geraghty (BMX), Jaxon Moffat (scooter), Ava Butterfield (cheer), Matthew Lawrence (ski) and Alejandro Rodriguez (snowboard).

Powerade Power Through Award Winners at Woodward Copper
Powerade Power Through Award Winners Teo Joseph, Matt Geraghty, Jaxon Moffat, Ava Butterfield, Matthew Lawrence and Alejandro Rodriguez.

YUP! Camper of the Week Awards: The YUP! Camper of the Week Awards are given to exemplary campers who maintain a positive attitude all week long and are constantly helping out fellow campers and staff. Taylor Newsome took home the Camper of the Week Award for being an exemplary camper and helping to build fellow campers’ confidence, while Jaxon Zimski was recognized for having the biggest heart, the most stoke and positive energy, all while being one of the youngest campers of the week!

YUP! Campers of the Week Awards
YUP! Campers of the Week Jaxon Zimski and Taylor Newsome.

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards: These awards are given to campers who stepped up to the challenge of taking their skills to the next level, even if it pushed them slightly out of their comfort zone. Skate Camper Diego Pagan took home the Challenge Accepted Award for always seeking out the toughest tricks (and almost beating our Action Sports Supervisor in a game of SKATE! maybe next time…). BMX Camper Noah Killion was recognized for keeping up with campers of every age despite being only 8 years old! Noah learned a ton of new tricks throughout the week and motivated others to do the same.

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Award Winners
Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Award winners Diego Pagan and Noah Killion.

GoPro Camp Hero Award: Awesome people do awesome things, and those awesome things should be captured on video! The GoPro Camp Hero Award puts a brand new GoPro in the hands of a camper who was driven all week long to improve their skills and help other campers have fun. Congratulations Sofia Shelton, you’re a Camp Hero!

GoPro Camp Hero Award Winner
GoPro Camp Hero Award winner Sofia Shelton.

Dickies Skate Olympics: The Dickies Skate Olympics allows teams and individuals to collect points for landing tricks and completing challenges. Coach Adam’s team “The Sour Patch Kids” took home the win for the weekly team challenge, seemingly trading back and forth each week vying for the overall summer victory. Several individuals were also recognized for their awesome performances: Charlie Carver won the Champion of Stoke Award for dancing, smiling, and keeping everyone in stitches all week long. Henry Laycock won the Best Overall Trick Award for airing out of the bowl and nailing a front lipslide on the extension. Zach Holmgren won the Gold Medal Award, for relentlessly knocking out trick after trick in the Dickies Skate Olympics Score Book like impossibles, 360-flips and more.

Dickies Skate Olympics at Woodward Copper Summer Camp
Dickies Skate Olympics Award Winners Charlie Carver, Henry Laycock and Zach Holmgren.

Dickies Hard Work Award: Only one staff member each week gets the honor of hoisting the coveted rubber mallet, and this week Joey Unser was recognized for being one of the most stoked staffers at camp and going the extra mile to give his campers a great experience. Congratulations Joey!

Dickies Hard Work Award
Dickies Hard Work Award winner Coach Joey.

Week 5 has ended, but there’s still time to return to camp this summer for another week! Returning campers can save $200 off an additional camp week with promo code “STAYFOREVER18”! (valid for 2018 Summer Camps, not valid for August Day Camps). Simply enter your promo code during online checkout.

Stay tuned for more weekly recaps from summer camp. For more information on Woodward Copper, or to make reservation for summer camp or activities, visit

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