Icelantic Skis team with Woodward Copper Campers
The Icelantic Ski Team at Woodward Copper Summer Camp.

Week 4 kicked down the door and yelled “yeeehaw!” as we galloped into another amazing week at Woodward Copper. We wrangled up some of your favorite brands, pros, VIPs and special guests to keep Week 4 wild and wonderful. Rome Snowboards and Icelantic Skis sent teams of shredders to represent at camp, X Games medalist Brad McClain put on a master class in transition skating, and the DANG Shades crew brought funky fresh fun to Pipeline Park and the Woodward WreckTangle.

Our recaps will always feature some of our favorite photos and videos from each week at camp, and you can also view our larger weekly photo albums over on our Woodward Copper Facebook page. Ready to rock? Read on to see all the action for Woodward Copper Summer Camp Week 4!

Up on Copper Mountain in the magical land known as Pipeline Park, the Icelantic Skis team was soaking up the Colorado sunshine, stomping tricks, stacking clips, and hooking up campers with tons of cool Icelantic gear. Parker Norvell made the most of the rare opportunity to shred in the summer, rocking sunglasses and a flowy sleeveless shirt while spreading his wings for massive tricks on the larger jump line. Jaron Stadler aka Jaron Styler (can we get this nickname to stick?) was also spotted flaring out, dropping challenging and creative tricks on rail and jump features, all while rocking his signature wild and colorful gear.

Parker Norvell at Woodward Copper
Parker Norvell takes flight in Pipeline Park.
Jaron Stadler at Woodard Copper
Jaron Stadler, wild and wonderful.

Parker and Jaron, along with Icelantic team mates Calvin Barrett, Matti Ortisi and Cody Potter, hosted the Icelantic Skis Rail Jam during camp and rewarded campers for landed tricks and courageous attempts. Campers were super excited to win the high-quality Icelantic gear, especially when it comes with a high-five from your favorite ski pros! Calvin and Cody even stopped by the Friday Night Awards Ceremony to hook a couple campers up with fresh pairs of Icelantic Nomad skis!

Parker Norvell at Woodward Copper
Parker Norvell tossing out Icelantic gear. 
Jaron Stadler handing out prizes at Woodward Copper
Jaron Stadler, Parker Norvell and Calvin Barrett hosting the Icelantic Rail Jam
Woodward Copper ski camper
A stoked camper collecting his prize at the Icelantic Railjam.

At snowboard camp, the Rome Snowboards power trio was rocking the park with Jeff Hopkins, Ozzy Henning and Chris Frost. Also representing Rome at camp was legendary pro Bjorn Leines and his son Bear Leines; watching these two ride, it’s easy to see that snowboard talent gene is strong in the Leines family! After the crew was done showing campers how to catch proper amounts of air on every feature, it was time for the Rome Low-Carve Limbo contest. The Rome team set up their custom mega-wide limbo stick, and campers competed to see who could get the most sideways while laying down a carving turn. Campers were rewarded with cool prizes, as well as a stronger appreciation for the finer points of carving turns.

Bjorn Leinies at Woodward Copper
Bjorn Leines letting it fly in Pipeline Park.
Jeff Hopkins and Chris Frost at Woodward Copper
Teamwork makes the dream work! Jeff Hopkins and Chris Frost doubles action.
Rome snowboards limbo at Woodward Copper
Campers speed-blurring during the Rome Low-Carve Limbo.

The DANG Shades crew also rolled deep to summer camp, with Melissa Riitano, Ted Borland, Chris Beresford, Jeff Holce and Pat Fava spreading joy and free pairs of sunglasses around camp. Ted Borland aka “Big Smooth” rides with style and grace not normally associated with men who are 6’3”. Ted is a great inspiration for all snowboarders, and especially to the taller adolescents at camp who are re-calibrating their riding after shooting up several inches in the past couple of years. For snowboard ladies looking for inspiration, Melissa Riitano led the charge, going full-send on the park jumps, boxes and rail features, reminding every girl at camp that the sky’s the limit!

Ted Borland at Woodward Copper
Ted Borland aka @bundyvision aka Big Smooth
Chris Beresford at Woodward Copper
DANG Shades kingpin Chris Beresford.

Similar to past years, the DANG Shades crew loved hanging out with campers and promoting a fun and friendly vibe across all of camp. The DANG team worked to organize a camper challenge in the Woodward WreckTangle obstacle course, where campers competed to see who could conquer the WreckTangle in the shortest amount of time. After hosting the event and providing plenty of hilarious commentary, the winning campers were awarded with fresh pairs of DANG shades!

The Woodward WreckTangle
Going for it at the Woodward WreckTangle obstacle course.
Campers in the Woodward WreckTangle at Woodward Copper
Heavy competition during the WreckTangle Challenge, but these guys were just hanging out...
DANG Shades WreckTangle Race Winners
Winners rocking fresh shades at the DANG Shades WreckTangle Challenge

A short walk from the WreckTangle at The Barn, cheer campers were working on tumbling skills on the springfloor and tumble track. Progressing from basic tumbling into full backflips is a big step, and campers often wonder at some point in their progression: “how do I get from here, to there?”. They key to progression is good coaching, and cheer coaching staff worked to guide campers from spotted flips into the foam pits, through to proper flipping on the spring floor. The amount of airtime these cheer campers can achieve is unbelievable, and it shows once again just how challenging and athletically demanding the various disciplines of cheer can be.

Camper backflipping at Woodward Copper
An experienced Cheer camper demonstrating technique at The Barn springfloor.
Cheer camper tumble track at Woodward Copper
Spotters help build confidence and ensure safe progression on the Tumble Track. 
Cheer camper tumble track at Woodward Copper
Once you get comfortable, it's time to let it fly!

Outside at the Barnyard Skatepark (and inside The Barn, and around Copper, and seemingly everywhere you looked), BMX and scooter campers were finding strength in numbers and feeding off the positive energy that comes with a group of friends riding together. BMX campers shredded the Union Creek Bike Park as well as local parks nearby, while scooter campers worked their way through basic trick progressions up to mind-bending maneuvers.

scooter camp at Woodward Copper
Week 4 Scooter Camp at Woodward Copper.
scooter camp at Woodward Copper
Riding and learning with a group of friends is always the best way to progress. 
BMX camp at Woodward Copper
Week 4 BMX campers at Woodward Copper.

Skate campers were buzzing about spending the week with X Games medalist and transition terminator Brad McClain. With transition skating (riding ramps with curves like bowls, halfpipes, concrete parks etc) now being more popular than ever, Brad’s smooth, flowy approach reminds us all that skateboarders need to have style in addition to a big bag of tricks. Brad is one of the rare skateboarders that can exploit to the fullest every curve, lip and hip in big pro-level skate bowls. When Brad dropped in, everyone from campers to staff was taking mental notes on technique, and dreaming about airs they hope to learn in the future.


I shouldn’t have made that 270 ☠️ 🎥 @derekscott01 @woodwardcopper

A post shared by Brad McClain (@bradmcclain) on

Brad McClain at Woodward Copper
Brad McClain testing the altitude at Leadville Skatepark. 
Brad McClain at Woodward Copper
Brad McClain and photographer Chip Proulx making art in The Barn.

Filmed this line of @derekscott01 at @woodwardcopper you rip 🤘🏼

A post shared by Brad McClain (@bradmcclain) on

After yet another week of friends, fun and progression, it was time for the Friday Night Awards ceremony. Several outstanding campers were recognized for their positive attitude, support of fellow campers and staff, and progress through the week with the Powerade Power Through Awards, YUP! Camper of the Week Awards, Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards, GoPro Camp Hero Award, Dickies Skate Olympics Awards and the Dickies Hard Work Award:

Powerade Power Through Awards: This award recognizes campers who were faced with challenges or obstacles, and still powered through to achieve their goals and have a great week at camp. Campers from every sport were recognized for their determination and perseverance, including Cooper Web (skate), Evan Ford (BMX), Myles Balding (scooter), Mackenzie Patrocky (cheer), Lancelot Alexander (ski) and Kyle Sussmeier (snowboard).

Powerade Power Through Award Winners at Woodward Copper

YUP! Camper of the Week Awards: The YUP! Camper of the Week Awards are given to exemplary campers who maintain a positive attitude all week long and are constantly helping out fellow campers and staff. Kenna Nelsen took home the Camper of the Week Award for being an exemplary camper and great friend to her peers, while Joe Murphy was recognized for lending his extra set of wheels to help get a fellow camper back in action.

YUP! Campers of the Week Awards

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards: These awards are given to campers who stepped up to the challenge of taking their skills to the next level, even if it pushed them slightly out of their comfort zone. Skate Camper Porter Farren took home the Challenge Accepted Award for learning half-cabs in both directions in only 20 minutes! BMX Camper Josh Stiles was recognized for taking a hard fall at Frisco Bike Park, then laughing it off and continuing to shred all week long.

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Award Winners

GoPro Camp Hero Award: Awesome people do awesome things, and those awesome things should be captured on video! The GoPro Camp Hero Award puts a brand new GoPro in the hands of a camper who was driven all week long to improve their skills and help other campers have fun. Congratulations Brad Roetz, you’re a Camp Hero!

GoPro Camp Hero Award Winner

Dickies Skate Olympics: The Dickies Skate Olympics allows teams and individuals to collect points for landing tricks and completing challenges. While coach Derek’s team took home the win for the weekly team challenge, several individuals were recognized for their awesome performances: Reese Laur won the Champion of Stoke Award for learning new tricks every day and encouraging fellow campers to try for new tricks themselves. Leo Scribner won the Best Overall Trick Award for kickflipping the A-frame first try during the best trick contest, as well as landing successful feeble and smith grinds down the A-frame rail. Ian Parnass won the Gold Medal Award, for relentlessly knocking out trick after trick in the Dickies Skate Olympics Score Book and racking up the most individual trick points.

Dickies Skate Olympics at Woodward Copper Summer Camp

Dickies Hard Work Award: Only one staff member each week gets the honor of hoisting the coveted rubber mallet, and this week Cooper Talty was recognized for putting an extra dose of awesome into each and every day at camp. Congratulations Cooper!

Dickies Hard Work Award

Week 4 has ended, but there’s still time to return to camp this summer for another week! Returning campers can save $200 off an additional camp week with promo code “STAYFOREVER18”! (valid for 2018 Summer Camps, not valid for August Day Camps). Simply enter your promo code during online checkout.

Stay tuned for more weekly recaps from summer camp. For more information on Woodward Copper, or to make reservation for summer camp or activities, visit

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