pro snowboarder Dylan Alito
Never Summer Snowboards pro rider Dylan Alito during Week 2 at Woodward Copper.

Week 2 was wild and wonderful at Woodward Copper Summer Camp! There was so much happening at camp this week, campers’ schedules were wall-to-wall fun all week long: The Never Summer Snowboards team hosted tons of fun activities and contests in Pipeline Park, pro skier Maude Raymond and freeski Olympian Keri Herman took sessions and hung out with campers, Cheer Special Guest Josh Boatwright coached on stunting techniques, and Welcome Skateboards pro skater Ryan Lay hosted a premiere of the new Etnies movie “Album” in Sky Chutes Theater. No wonder the week went by so fast...

Our recaps will always feature some of our favorite photos and videos from each week at camp, and you can also view our larger weekly photo albums over on our Woodward Copper Facebook page. Ready to shred now? Read on to see all the action for Woodward Copper Summer Camp Week 2!

Never Summer Snowboards crew
The Never Summer Snowboards crew celebrates with the winner of the NS High Jump contest.

The appearance of several tricked-out pickup trucks with Never Summer logos in the parking lot is always a welcome sight to Woodward campers. It means the Never Summer team has arrived and there is a fun week ahead filled with amazing snowboarding, fun hangouts with the pros, and tons of games and prizes for campers. Snowboard Olympian and Never Summer team rider Chris Corning teamed up with professional madman Dylan Alito to blow minds lapping the features in Pipeline Park. Chris hucked massive doubles on the jump line, while Dylan laid down dizzying tech rail lines with effortless fluidity.

The Never Summer crew never comes to camp empty-handed, and always keeps the campers entertained! In addition to snowboard demos and a free Never Summer t-shirt tie-dye session, the NS crew also hosted a spirited high-jump contest, as well as a backflip clinic where some campers landed their first ever flips on a snowboard!

Never Summer at Woodward Copper
The Never Summer crew setting up a demo board for a camper. 
Never Summer Tie-dye at Woodward Copper
Never Summer hooked campers up with tie-dyeable shirts for a fun afternoon activity.
snowboard summer camp at Woodward Copper
Kicking off the NS High Jump challenge! 
snowboard hippie jump at Woodward Copper
One camper taking the high road in the final rounds of the NS High Jump challenge.

Also representing at snowboard camp was Academy Snowboards’ pro team rider Lenny Mazzotti, as well as legendary pro and Academy TM Chad Otterstrom. While Chad snapped photos and captured video, Lenny spent his week focused on trying to damage his snowboard, and possibly his body, by attempting some of the biggest gap-to-rail tricks we’ve ever seen. (Don't worry, Lenny walked away smiling every time.) When he wasn’t busy trying to break himself, Lenny and the Academy crew hosted the Academy Cone Jam, where campers of varying ability levels attempted to loft their best tricks over a classic orange road cone. Campers were rewarded for stomped tricks (and some heroic attempts) with fresh Academy snowboards gear.

Lenny Mazzotti at Woodward Copper
Lenny Mazzotti R&D testing the durability of his Academy snowboard. 
Snowboard camper jumps over a cone at Woodward Copper
Camper lofts a cone at the Academy Cone Jam. 
snowboard camper at Wooward Copper
"Did you see that?!" A stoked camper at the Cone Jam. 
Woodward Copper snowboard camp
You gotta want it! Snowboard coach and camper preparing for another pass at the Airbag NIP Jump. 
snowboard camper at Woodward Copper
A snowboard camper goes full ham-sandwich on the cannon rial. 

In ski camp, Armada pro team skier Maude Raymond (aka “Maad Maude”) teamed up with Olympian Keri Herman to spend tons of time hanging and skiing with campers. Maude and Keri’s playful, easy going approach kept campers smiling and laughing as they worked through trick progressions and gathered inspiration from the pros' incredible skiing. It is a common saying in the action sports community: “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong”. Maude and Keri are definitely doing something right, having tons of fun each day while cruising in the Colorado sunshine.

Keri Herman at Woodward Copper
Freeski Olympian and X Games medalist Keri Herman in Pipeline Park.
Maude Raymond at Woodward Copper
The one and only Maad Maude!
Keri Herman at Woodward Copper
Sun's out, guns out. Keri Herman letting it fly off the cannon. 


Hustling to keep up with Keri and Maude, Woodward regular Jaron Stadler and Armada ski pro Cody Wilder kept the volume turned up to 11 with explosive performances in the park. Jaron’s approach to rail riding is crazy creative, tweaking slides and throwing in grabs where you’d least expect it. Cody made a big impression on camp as well, charging hard and navigating heavy lines like the one featured in the video below.

Jaron Stadler at Woodard Copper
Jaron Stadler aka "Jaron Styler". Think the nickname could stick?  

Down the hill at the Union Creek Spring Floor, Cheer special guest Josh Boatwright spent his week at camp instructing campers on the finer points of stunting. Josh has been a regular visitor to Woodward summer camps, and cheer campers have benefitted hugely from his cheer coaching experience. Although he focuses primarily on cheer, his strength and flexibility easily matches some of the top athletes in the gymnastics and parkour worlds. During instruction breaks, all eyes were on Josh as he demonstrated powerful jumping moves for campers.

josh boatwright at Woodward Copper
Cheer special guest Josh Boatwright (right) during stunting instruction.
cheer campers at Woodward Copper
Cheer campers at the Union Creek Springfloor.



A post shared by Josh Boatwright (@joshboatwright) on


A post shared by Josh Boatwright (@joshboatwright) on

The Thursday Night Lualu in the EDGE Backyard is where campers from every sport come together to have play games, goof off and get a little wacky with the help of counselors. Tug-of-war, tie-dye, slack lining, high-jump and powerslide/manual/wheelie contests are all on the menu at this fun theme party held at the campers’ lodging building. Some of the more artistically talented coaches helped set campers up with head-turning facepaints. The unicorn style in particular is on it’s way to being a new camp favorite!

scooter camper at Woodward Copper
Scooter high jump in the EDGE Backyard.
Skateboard camper at Woodward Copper
Going the distance: powerslide contest during the Thursday Night Lualu.
Woodward Copper Summer Camp Facepaint
A counselor helping campers at the facepaint station. 
Woodward Copper Unicorn facepaint
Unicorns were spotted everywhere during the Thursday Night Lualu.

After the Thursday Night Lualu, campers gathered in Sky Chutes Theater for a special Woodward premiere of the new Etnies skate move Album. Hosted by visiting skate pro and Etnies / Welcome Skateboards team rider Ryan Lay, this premiere was a unique chance for campers to watch top level skateboarding talent while one of the featured pros (Ryan) was there in person! (Do you remember that time at summer camp, where you watched a skate movie while sitting next to one of your favorite pros?!)

Ryan Lay at Woodward Copper
Ryan Lay introduces Album, Etnies latest full length skate movie, in Sky Chutes Theater. 

Ryan’s unique, creative approach to skating is why so many young skaters look to him for new ideas and inspiration. Shortly after entering The Barn, Ryan was moving rails and boxes to build head-scratching features, giving campers and staff plenty new ideas about what’s possible on a skateboard.

Skateboard camper at Woodward Copper
A skate camper learning to drop-in at the Dickies bowl. 
Skateboard camp at Woodward Copper
Skate staffer Derrek Scott and a skate camper sync up some doubles action.

Scooter and BMX campers spent the week taking full advantage of the updated skate facilities in the Barnyard skatepark, along with plenty of sessions in The Barn and day trips to other local parks. Whether in their sport-specific coaching sessions or in all-camp activities like the high-jump and wheelie contests, BMX and Scooter campers took to the parks with the same courage and determination as their skateboarding peers, pushing their progression and following their passion for the sports they love!

BMX camp at Woodward Copper
BMX campers with coach Sean at The Barn.
BMX at woodward copper
BMX camper high-marking the Pump Track at The Barn.
scooter camp at Woodward Copper
Scooter coach Danny throws a flare in the Barnyard Skatepark.
scooter camper at Woodward Copper
Scooter campers practice in the foam pit at The Barn.

At the end of a long week of spinning, jumping, flipping and flying around Woodward Copper, campers gathered in the EDGE Backyard for the Friday Awards Ceremony. Campers who showed their perseverance, progression and positivity throughout the week were recognized with the Powerade Power Through Awards, Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards, YUP! Camper of the Week Awards, GoPro Camp Hero Award, Dickies Hard Work Award and the Dickies Skate Olympics Awards:

Woodward Copper Powerade Power Through Award Winners
Powerade Power Through Award winners Hayden Moran, Elliot Dale, Elijah Botkin, Maddie Mejia, Lily Barbin and Lily Dhawornvej.
Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Award Winners
Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Award winners John Luise and Kaya Senderak.
YUP! Campers of the Week Awards
YUP! Campers of the Week Vivian Lee and Melania Michael.
GoPro Camp Hero Award Winner
GoPro Camp Hero Award winner Anna Theriot.
Dickies Skate Olympics at Woodward Copper Summer Camp
Dickies Skate Olympics individual award winners Carter Andrew (Welcome Award), Aidan Jordan (Champion of Stoke), Tate Ruzzin (Best Trick), Gavin Roberts (Gold Medalist). 
Dickies Hard Work Award
Dickies Hardwork Award Winner Cassandra Laneaud. 


Week 2 might be over, but you can still come back for another week this summer and save $200 off your next week with promo code “STAYFOREVER18”! This promo code is valid for any additional camp weeks during the 2018 summer season (excludes August Day Camps). Simply enter your promo code during online checkout.

Stay tuned for more weekly recaps from summer camp. For more information on Woodward Copper, or to make reservation for summer camp or activities, visit

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