Sarka Pancochova at Woodward Copper
Visiting snowboard Olympian Sarka Pancochova on the Woodward Copper Sunglass Slider.

Summer is officially here and Woodward Copper summer camps are in full swing! Week 1 of summer camp went off with a BANG, with campers enjoying a freshly built snow terrain park, updated skate, scooter, and BMX facilities, improved EDGE Cafe meal options and more. Recaps will be coming out every week all summer long, so be sure to check the blog each week for updates!

Our recaps will always feature some of our favorite photos and videos from each week at camp, and you can also view our larger weekly photo albums over on our Woodward Copper Facebook page. And now, without further ado, let’s see what went down during Woodward Copper Summer Camp Week 1…

Campers were beyond stoked to see a seemingly endless parade of their favorite pros and special guests arriving at summer camp for the week. Snowboard Olympians Cheryl Maas and Sarka Pancochova showed up and put the entire camp on notice: they were here to have fun and shred!

Sarka Pancochova, Cheryl Maas and Celia Miller at Woodward Copper
Sarka Pancochova, Cheryl Maas and Celia Miller hanging with snowboard campers. 
Sarka Pancochova airs over Cheryl Maas at Woodward Copper
Sarka and Cheryl throw caution to the wind for some doubles shredding. 

Cheryl and Sarka’s competitive resumes make them great inspirations for aspiring female snowboarders, and they spent tons of time with campers showing how to throw down tricks and perfect technique all while having a great time. In addition to helping practice and train with campers, Cheryl has even been helping Sarka with a little bit of coaching, although we aren’t quite sure about her coaching techniques:

Pipeline Park, the exclusive lift-serviced Summer Camp terrain park, is only one of the many facilities available to Woodward Copper Summer Campers. Camp staff was hard at work in the lead-up to the first week of camp, and we’re excited to see it all come together with campers enjoying themselves on the various snow, cheer and action sports facilities.


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cheer campers at Woodward Copper
Coach Emily and cheer campers practice on the freshly assembled Union Creek Spring Floor.
Burton Kilroy Crew at Woodward Copper
The Burton Kilroy Crew arrives at Woodward Copper: Carter Jarvis, Jake Canter, Sy Moran and Hollis Dupre.

Burton Snowboards' Kilroy Crew, comprised of some of snowboardings top young talent, descended on Pipeline Park and laid waste to every hip, table-top, box and rail feature in sight. Coming out swinging on Day 1, Carter Jarvis made it known he was here to send it, stomping a massive double backflip to open his account for the week. Woodward Copper regular Jake Canter threw down his own clean, stylish brand of riding on the various jump and rail features, turning heads with ease. Sy Moran, another Woodward Copper regular, also put on amazing performances for campers and photographers. Rocking what might just become his signature summer outfit—a flowing, all-white shirt and facemask combo that blurs the line between boarder and bandit—Sy took to the skies again and again, clocking serious airtime on the hip and leading a master class in summer park riding. Look out for the Kilroy Crew's full edit filmed at Woodward Copper, dropping later this fall! 

Jake Canter at Woodward Copper
Jake Canter adding a little extra flair. 
Sy Moran at Woodward Copper
Sy Moran, head in the clouds with a beastly method on the hip. 
Snowboard Camper at Woodward Copper
A snowboard camper styles out off the Sunglass Slider. 

The Line Skis and Traveling Circus crew, captained by none other than X-Games Real Ski champion Will Wesson, showed up at camp with a van stacked full of Line and Full Tilt goodies and immediately began dispensing them to any ski camper sending it with a smile on their face. The entire ski contingent of visiting pros at camp was throwing down in the warm Colorado sunshine. While Taylor Brooke-Lundquist sharpened her blades on every rail feature in the park, Andy Parry, Sami Ortileb, Peter Koukov, Eric Olsen and Kevin Salonius alternated between boosting park jumps and high-fiving stoked ski campers.


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Taylor Brooke-Lundquist at Woodward Copper
Taylor Brooke-Lundquist charging in Pipeline Park. 
Andy Parry and Will Wesson at Woodward Copper
Andy Parry and Will Wesson hooking up a stoked camper at the Line Skis rail jam. 

And very stoked the campers were, no doubt, to be spending a week of their summer skiing an incredible park high up in the Colorado mountains. From beginner skiers to advanced freestylers, campers were laying down impressive performances every day. When it was time to refuel, ski and snowboard campers enjoyed a daily on-snow barbeque with burgers, veggie burgers and brats. On Friday, ski and snowboard campers were joined by campers from every other sport, as the entire camp traveled up to the snow park for a massive end of week barbecue.

Ski Summer Camper at Woodward Copper
This is why you come to Woodward: a ski camper launching on jump 2, in June. 
Ski Campers with coach at Woodward Copper
Coach Max with his crew of stoked ski campers.  
Summer Camp Barbecue at Woodward Copper
Time to refuel: On-snow barbecues provide great hot lunch options, and allow more time for shredding on snow!

Back at The Barn, visiting scooter pro Raymond Warner was whipping camp into a frenzy, jumping his scooter over and off of the biggest ramps and drops he could find. When Raymond was riding and hanging with scooter campers, everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives, cheering as “R-Dub” threw down an entire dictionary worth of tricks, spending half of his airtime upside down.

Raymond Warner at Woodward Copper
Raymond Warner never disappoints, throwing down 100% every day during camp. 

History was made this week when Raymond, seemingly ignoring the laws of physics, became the first ever to jump a scooter from the first-floor mega ramp up to land on the second-floor pump track. Anyone who’s ever visited The Barn knows this is a massively ambitious gap to clear. Luckily Raymond documented all his antics on his Raymond Warner YouTube page, where you can view all the R-Dub action from his stay at Woodward Copper.

Scooter Summer Camper at Woodward Copper
A scooter camper lays out a bri flip on the Red Bull Mini Ramp. 
Raymond Warner on Woodward Copper's Powerade Pump Track
Raymond Warner taking the high line on the Powerade Pump Track.
BMX Summer Campers at Woodward Copper
​​​A crew of BMX campers pause the shred for a group shot with Coach Sean. 


Across The Barn, BMX coach Sean and his crew of campers spent their days cruising in the Dickies Bowl and other transition and street features. In addition to riding at The Barn, BMX campers also have access to the new Union Creek BMX park at Woodward Copper, as well as day trips to dirt jumps at Frisco Adventure Park.

BMX Coach Sean Hanni at Woodward Copper
Coach Sean demonstrates good table-top manners for BMX campers in the Dickies Bowl. 

On the four-wheeled front, skateboard campers spent the week hanging out with Creature pro Taylor Bingaman. Like any good visitor to camp, Taylor brought tons of gear to give away as well as a giant bag of tricks to keep the young skaters inspired.

Taylor Bingaman at Woodward Copper
Visiting skate pro Taylor Bingaman lofts an indy grab in the Dickies Bowl. 
Taylor Bingaman with Woodward Copper Summer Campers
Taylor Bingaman and coach A-Max distributing some "Creature comforts" to the skate campers. 
Skateboard Summer Camper at Woodward Copper
A skate camper setting up a rock-n-roll at The Barn. 

Summer campers expect visiting pros to blow minds with incredible performances while at camp, but they may not have known their skateboard coach Derrek Scott was keeping a lifetime of bowl and transition skating experience hidden up his sleeve. When Derrek did take a break from helping campers learn new moves, jaws were dropping all over The Barn as he flowed around the Dickies bowl, taking to the sky and nailing combo after combo.

At the end of a week that felt way too short (time flies when you’re at Woodward), it was time for the Friday Night Awards Ceremonies. Exceptional campers who put on great performances and made a positive difference in their fellow campers’ experience were recognized for their awesomeness with the Powerade Power Through Awards, Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Awards, GoPro Camp Hero Award, YUP! Camper of the Week Awards, Dickies Hard Work Award and the Dickies Skate Olympics Awards:

Woodward Copper Powerade Power Through Award Winners
Powerade Power Through Award winners Kyle Phipps, Jeremy Holbrook, Sebastian Zacharias, Trey Foster, Kellous Boyd and Stephanie Kerst. The Power Through Award is given to campers who persevere in the face of challenges to progress their skills and help fellow campers. 
Woodward Copper Hotwheels Challenge Accepted Award Winners
Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Award winners Parker Glow-Marino and Ben Seng. Challenge Accepted Award winners stepped up to challenging new tricks and features during their time at camp. 
Woodward Copper GoPro Camp Hero Award Winner
Greyson Arciniaga took home the GoPro Camp Hero award and a new Hero 6 camera for always smiling and serving as unofficial "camp hype man". 
Woodward Copper YUP! Campers of the Week award.
YUP! Camper of the Week Award winners Lexi Hurley-Gray and Trevor Smith. The YUP! Camper of the Week Award is given to exemplary campers who maintain positive attitudes and charge hard in their respective sports. 
Woodward Copper Dickies Hard Work Award Winner
Camp Office staffer Sarah McLear had the honor of receiving the Dickies Hard Work Award and hoisting the coveted rubber mallet. Sarah is a rockstar, keeping the Camp Office operations running smoothly.
Woodward Copper Dickies Skate Olympics Award Winners
Dickies Skate Olympics individual award winners Hollis Laeger-Hagemeister (Champion of Stoke), Anthony Filips (Best Overall Trick) and Asher LaCasse (Gold Medalist for most individual points). 
Dickies Skate Olympics at Woodward Copper Summer Camp
Week 1 Skate Campers with visiting pro Taylor Bingaman, coaches A-Max and Derrek, and Coach Supervisor Mike S. Coach Derrek's team "The Golden Bandits" took home the overall win for Week 1 of the Dickies Skate Olympics. 

And that’s a wrap for Week 1! Week 2 is well under way and we’re looking forward to an awesomely long summer with camp continuing through the last week in July. If you attended Week 1 and want to come back for another week this summer, you can save $200 off your second week at 2018 Summer Camp with promo code “STAYFOREVER18”. Simply enter your promo code during online checkout.

Stay tuned for more weekly recaps from summer camp. For more information on Woodward Copper, or to make reservation for summer camp or activities, visit

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