Woodward Camp is working tirelessly to lessen our impact on the planet. Last Year, we implemented our Protect Your Playground initiative to accomplish this.

Water waste is a huge issue on our planet, but we intend to lessen our impact. With a changes like replacing faucets, installing low flowing toilets, and filling our pools with the fire department we were able to save 600,000 gallons of water! This summer we aim to save 1,000,000 gallons!

Electricity usage is also a major focus for us. We have made the switch to LED light bulbs as well as making it a point around camp to shut off, turn down, and unplug. We are making sure to turn off all lights and appliances when we aren’t using them, turning down our air conditioning, and unplugging our cell phone and electronics when they aren’t needed!

In order to combat our nations food waste and lower our foot print, Woodward intends to cut down drastically. We are pushing our “take only what you need” philosophy. Campers can always go back for seconds if they want, so why take too much the first time? Along with this we are beginning a composting program with our extra food so nothing is wasted. We are going to use these food scraps to fertilize our community garden and give campers a taste of what its like to waste nothing.

Richie Velasquez
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Woodward Camp is working tirelessly to lessen our impact on the planet
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