Week #3 Recap - Woodward Copper

Torstein Horgmo at Woodward Copper Summer Camp
Legendary snowboard pro Torstein Horgmo, leader of the Shred Bots crew. 

Close your eyes and picture this: the sun is shining, the mountain air is fresh and clean, you’re hanging out with friends new and old, and the only things on your schedule are days filled with your favorite sport and e

Mike Rav at Woodward Tahoe

Mike Rav comes to Woodward Tahoe!

Snowboarder Mag came out to Tahoe for Week 1 of summer camp to let Mike Rav out of his cage. Once we let this monster loose on the hill he spent more time in the air than on the ground. Check out this Rapid Fire edit of Mike Rav spinning like a whirlybird in and out of every feature.

Filmed and Edited by Trevor Slattery

Woodward Copper Wrecktangle

Channel your inner ninja inside the Woodward WreckTangle Copper. This outdoor ninja obstacle challenge serves up ten different sections of unique and fun-filled obstacles to conquer, in the heart of Copper’s Center Village. Complete with cargo nets, balance beams, rope swings and more!

Military to the Mountain at Woodward Tahoe

VIP: Military to the Mountain at Woodward Tahoe

Military to the Mountains is a High Fives Program to demonstrate their deep appreciation for the men and women who serve our country in the military - especially those veterans who have suffered life-altering injuries.

M2M visited the Woodward Tahoe Bunker this winter, and had a great time! We thank our new veteran friends and our forever-friends at High Fives for allowing us to be part of this awesome day.

Lakeside Parkour at Tahoe

Lakeside Parkour at Woodward Tahoe

We have a brand new Parkour Facility at Woodward Tahoe for summer camp!

Woodward Tahoe is proud to announce the newest facility that has been completed for Summer 2018! The new "Lakeside Parkour" facility has come to life just in the nick of time for week one of camp. Of course, we could have built such an incredible facility without the help of our good friend Nater Wessel. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a virtual preview of the coolest new addition to the Woodward Tahoe facilities.

VIP Dave Bachinsky at Tahoe

VIP: Dave Bachinsky

Back for another year at Woodward Tahoe the man, the myth, the legend... Dave Bachinsky! From transition to tech ledge tricks, Dave takes us on a tour through some of the Woodward Tahoe Skateparks dropping more hammers than a construction site. You might have to watch this more than once... Dave is a tech wizard! .

Film and Edit: Trevor Slattery