Week #8 Recap - Woodward Tahoe

Only 3 more weeks left of summer camp? Where did this summer go? Week 8 was another epic one here at Woodward Tahoe! From Jacob Bailey showing up fresh off the XGames in Minneapolis to the grand opening of our new Rock Wall, summer camp summer fun is at an all-time high right now!

Rambo Takes on The Trenches

Sun up to sun down Rambo has been on a rampage at Woodward Tahoe this summer! He is one of our Very Important People here at Woodward because he knows the ins and outs of every trail here. Rambo works the front desk all winter long while training to take his skills to the biggest contests accross the globe during the summer. Lucky for us, he stopped by this summer to tear up The Trenches with the campers and lay down some heavy moves!

The Rock Wall - Woodward Tahoe

Woodward Tahoe's new Rock Wall builds strength in our Campers not only physically but mentally as well. Whether you're out there strength training, just looking to have fun, or an experienced climber, the Rock Wall is a great place to work on your craft and progress your body and mind. 

Rapid Fire: Jake Kirby

Jake Kirby has been right down the road for a number of years and we didn't even know of his insane skateboard skills! Don't let this edit fool you, we wanted to keep the audio as raw as the skating to showcase all of the NBD's he has put down here at camp.

Week #6 Recap - Woodward Copper

pro snowboarder scott stevens at Woodward Copper
The always-creative Scott Stevens. 

Week 6 brought the return of the world-famous Videograss crew, featuring professional snowboarders JP Walker, Scott Stevens and Joe Sexton, along with videographer/VG kingpin Justin Meyer and legendary snowboard pro-turned-photographer Chad Otterst

Week #7 Recap - Woodward Tahoe

Week 7 came in a flash, but boy was it one for the books. With another jam-packed week full of camp life stoke and epic action , this summer has been nothing short of the best summer yet! Creature Skateboards brought the heat for their second time this summer and brought not one but three professional skateboarders to rip with the campers. Let me introduce them to you; We had Willis Kimbel, an all-around straight ripper, and a tank of a human. He has been a professional skateboarder since 2015 and is a deep concrete pool extraordinaire.

Jibassic Park with Brady Lem

When people think about 2-days they are usually referring to the weekend. But we don't have any days off here at Woodward Tahoe! Spend two days in Boreal's famous Jibassic park, with one of the smoothest riders around, Brady Lem.


Filmed by Kyle Greene and Jake Pollock, Edit by Kyle Greene