Week #9 Recap - Woodward Copper

Khai Krepela at Woodward Copper
Week 9 ski pro Khai Krepela.

Week 9 at Woodward Copper was bittersweet as it signified the end of another amazing seasons of summer camps in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. We laughed, we cried (because camp was ending), and we absolutely sent it all week long!

Week #9 Recap - Woodward Tahoe

Another week in the books here at Woodward Tahoe! Week 9 was a heavy one with Birdhouse Skateboards and Volcom Cliff Diving, yeah that's right, Volcom Cliff Diving. From Birdhouse we had a couple rippers like Missouri boy Shawn Hale. This kid turned pro last year but has been on an absolute tear for over the past like 10 years. He's backed by huge companies like Birdhouse, Independent Trucks, New Balance, Spitfire and more! Hale brought with him a couple friends from SoCal, Reese Sulken and Ed Duff.

Week #8 Recap - Woodward Tahoe

Only 3 more weeks left of summer camp? Where did this summer go? Week 8 was another epic one here at Woodward Tahoe! From Jacob Bailey showing up fresh off the XGames in Minneapolis to the grand opening of our new Rock Wall, summer camp summer fun is at an all-time high right now!

Rambo Takes on The Trenches

Sun up to sun down Rambo has been on a rampage at Woodward Tahoe this summer! He is one of our Very Important People here at Woodward because he knows the ins and outs of every trail here. Rambo works the front desk all winter long while training to take his skills to the biggest contests accross the globe during the summer. Lucky for us, he stopped by this summer to tear up The Trenches with the campers and lay down some heavy moves!

The Rock Wall - Woodward Tahoe

Woodward Tahoe's new Rock Wall builds strength in our Campers not only physically but mentally as well. Whether you're out there strength training, just looking to have fun, or an experienced climber, the Rock Wall is a great place to work on your craft and progress your body and mind. 

Rapid Fire: Jake Kirby

Jake Kirby has been right down the road for a number of years and we didn't even know of his insane skateboard skills! Don't let this edit fool you, we wanted to keep the audio as raw as the skating to showcase all of the NBD's he has put down here at camp.